The lack of posts

Hey! I’m trying to get back into publishing creepy stories, and I realized today that I haven’t really posted anything to this blog in the year or so since it was created.

Now, I COULD sit here and claim that I’ve been busy with my senior year of high school, homework, blah blah blah, but the truth is I’ve just been lazy. I could kick myself for it, too. Because I HAVEN’T been swamped in homework. As a matter of fact, most days I didn’t go home with any. Senior year was by far my easiest in high school.

The truth is, I’ve been lazy. I haven’t really made myself write, and when you have writing talent like I do, it’s a shame to not hone it. As most people know, whenever you don’t use a tool, it becomes rusty, and I haven’t done any real writing in a year. Not to say I haven’t done any, of course, because whenever I get struck by inspiration I do begin. As such, I have probably fifteen or twenty barely-began creepypastas (several prologues and first and second chapters of books, and even a movie script or two) littering my hard drive. This summer, my plan is to kick it into high gear and make some real stories.

I began one the other night I’ve been working on here and there, involving a man at a hospital with chest pains, and the paranormal events that happen during the night.

It’s a creeper.

Look for it here before I submit/publish it to I intend to publish there for the time being, because it’s a great, fun site with good readers to provide good feedback. I really love the website. It gets me between Stephen King books.

See you guys at Carlin Falls Hospital in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy my newest stories. I’ve got my second wind, and I intend to deliver.


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